Sunday 22 September 2013

The Bodyguard - 2013 Cast

Adelphi Theatre, London


Based on the Warner Bros. Film
Screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan
Book by Alexander Dinelaris
Directed by Thea Sharrock

Beverley Knight and Tristan Gemmill

A cast change is always a good excuse to be asked back to a show, so as Beverly Knight sets out her take on The Bodyguard’s Rachel Marron, the singer with fans to die for, we train our sights on the West End’s newest diva, in this blockbuster tribute to the Whitney Houston / Kevin Costner Oscar-nominated song fest.
Earlier comments on the show and its story can be found here. This new pairing of Knight with Tristan Gemmill as Frank Farmer, the hired gun who has her back, has some truly inspired moments. Knight opens the show with 'Queen of the Night' and goes on to simply own her stage. Knight the singer is spine-tinglingly sublime, though as her character’s feelings for Farmer dedevelop and she becomes increasingly torn between the safety of her family and her career, Knight the actress slightly loses impact and her underlying emotions seem to faulter. Early days mind you and these will no doubt strengthen over time.

Gemmill’s Frank oozes with masterful control from start to finish. From befriending Marron’s young and initially cynical son Fletcher (a cute and professional turn from Elliot Aubrey) early on, to charming the star in a karaoke bar, he avoids arrogance and defines Farmer’s virtue of a quiet understated presence that modestly belies his focussed mind and sharpened steeled backbone. Providing a tragically conflicting love interest, Debbie Kurup as Marron’s sister Nicki remains one of the Adelphi’s treats.

This juke box musical may still be one of the new kids on the block compared to some of its moneyspinning rivals, but it’s a gripping show that packs a punch. On this visit, one of the show’s truly thrilling high-spots made an audience member literally scream out in fright, a moment of pure theatrical gold. It may be a cheesy tale, but you already know the songs and you’ll love the performances. For a night that continues to be world-class West End excellence, The Bodyguard’s got it covered.

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