Tuesday 20 December 2022

A Pissedmas Carol - Review

Leicester Square Theatre, London


Directed by Katy Baker

The company of A Pissedmas Carol

For the festive season at the Leicester Square Theatre, A Pissedmas Carol sees half a dozen actors (no cast list, no names) tell Dickens’ classic morality tale, but with a twist. Each night one of the company has consumed a copious amount of alcohol before curtain-up and takes their part in the show blind drunk.

To be fair, the whole gig has been well rehearsed and there are liberal quantities of modern Xmas songs woven into the narrative to ease the evening along. The pissed performer is, by their nature, a loose cannon on stage and so all the cast are dab hands, not only at their rehearsed lines but also at improvising their way around their inebriated colleague as the story unfolds.

The songs are well sung and on the night of this review (20th December) the drunk female performer sung a spectacular solo number particularly beautifully. The classic yarn is cantered through at a cracking pace too, which all makes for an eclectic, lively show.

Set your expectations low. These are low-brow festive frolics that lack the raunchy filth of a truly adult pantomime. But if you approach the show fuelled with a modest amount of alcohol yourself, you won't be disappointed. Fun times! 

Runs until 7th January 2023

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