Saturday 17 February 2024

Deathtrap - Review

The Mill At Sonning, Sonning


Written by Ira Levin
Directed by Tam Williams

Issy Van Randwyck

Tam Williams directs a cracking take on Ira Levin’s classic murder mystery. Set in the home of established crime-author and lecturer Sidney Bruhl (Nick Waring), as student Clifford Anderson (George Watkins) pays a visit seeking expert guidance on a playscript that he has written, nothing is quite what it seems.

The setting is gorgeous, with antique axes and weaponry lining Bruhl’s walls only adding to the impending sense of doom and foul play.

Such a ripping yarn depends upon classy acting from its cast of five to make the hokum work and Williams has coaxed excellence from his quintuplet of performers. Both the male leads keep one guessing throughout and there is fabulous supporting work from Emily Raymond as Bruhl’s wife Myra, Philip Childs as lawyer Porter Milton, together with an enchanting turn from Issy Van Randwyck as psychic, Helga ten Dorp.

Two acts - fabulously performed - in two hours and a delicious meal included as part of the ticket price, Deathtrap makes for an evening of great theatre.

Runs to 30th March
Photo credit: Andreas Lambis

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