Monday 26 August 2013

I Spit On Your Grave 2 - Film 4 Frightfest Review

Directed by Steven R. Monroe

Jemma Dallender in a shocking moment from the film

#ISpitOnYourGrave2 @Film4FrightFest must go down as one of the most disappointing sequels, to a remake, ever.

The 2010 remake was a tale of a heroic woman taking her revenge on a gang of rural rednecks (in cahoots with the the local sheriff) who had raped her deep in the remote wilderness somewhere in the USA. The circumstances of that story were believable, mostly and the film (helmed by Monroe) was a well made gruesome revenge story.

#2 opens in NYC - hopeful, one thinks. The heroine is a model who can't afford a professional portfolio so ends up at a dodgy Bulgarian backstreet photographer's studio. Again, plausible, these places exist, one suspects.

When it is clear they are up to no good, an attack scene that is barely believable ends up with her being drugged and flown to Bulgaria as a sex slave.

When the heroine then learns, through being told, that she is in Bulgaria, the audience laughed. Not a good omen for a serious, rather than a deliberately B-movie horror.

The story is beyond credible, and whilst it is well-acted (with a Russell Crowe lookalike thrown in for good measure as a Bulgarian Mr Big) it's a mysogynistic, exploitative vehicle, with little artistic value whatsoever. The script is often laughable.

Pre film, when asked what inspired #2, director Steven R Monroe referred to the studio and distributors believing there was mileage left in the ISOYG franchise. Sadly, the corporates are probably right, as the scenes of ridiculous un-imaginative gratuitous gore will see the DVD sell well.

The film is little more than a shameless piece of corporate exploitation of a franchise and detracts from the quality work that Monroe had put into #1

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