Thursday 23 August 2012

(remor) - Review

C Nova, Edinburgh

Developed and performed by : Res De Res Company

(remor) is an innovative piece of physical theatre brought to the Fringe by Spanish company Res De Res.  The show lasts approximately ten minutes and is performed several times an hour to a maximum audience of ten at C Nova.

Claustrophobics should look away now. Set in an unspecified country, the entire act takes place within a ( ventilated and air conditioned ) 4-walled prison cell that has been purpose built for the production to authentic measurements. Within the cell are two inmates, man and woman, lying on bunk beds, the legality or fairness of whose imprisonment is never explained to the audience The door closes and without a word being spoken the pair launch into an immaculately choreographed routine that depicts at various times despair, hope, passion, anger, frustration and above all helplessness.

Ten minutes is an infinitesimally small period of time to be spent cooped up, yet (remor) conveys the sense of incarcerated isolation not just through good acting but also through clever sound design, with music overlaying a realistic sound of traffic and life going on just the other side of the prison wall, piped into the cell. Occasionally the light dims within the performance space, at which point the audience are provided with torches to pick out the players' actions.

(remor) is thought provoking drama. If you have ever been locked up, then you above all will be best placed to judge its interpretation. For those of us who have never experienced a denial of our liberties, preconceptions of imprisonment may well be challenged.

Runs until August 27th

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