Monday 12 June 2023

Snakehead - Review

Hope Theatre, London


Written and directed by Samuel Rees

Sian Maxwell

Snakehead is a new play that proves all you need is a good story and a passionate actress to make an evening of classy pub-theatre worthwhile.

Sian Maxwell is M, a woman whose emotions, passion, piercing blue eyes and good strong voice make the show. M’s story and experiences are upsetting. In her monologue we learn of the abuse that she has suffered at the hands of a manipulative and wealthy man, with her narrative forcing the audience to ruminate on society and the double standards by which men and women can be judged.

Perhaps the biggest tragedy is the number of women who continue to experience similar trauma today. The slut-shaming of women, while failing to hold men responsible for their actions, continues to prevail.

A neat dramatic touch sees M expose her emotions though music. The stronger the emotion, the heavier the music, performed very well on the night by Max Alexander Taylor.

Snakehead is powerful and compelling gig-theatre.

Runs until 24th June
Reviewed by Eris

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