Monday 27 June 2022

Gala Fiesta de la Buleria de Jerez: Mujeres de Cal y Cante - Review

Sadler's  Wells, London


“A meeting place in which several generations of women artists gather…”

The Flamenco Festival returned to Sadlers Wells this year, with this website reviewing the one-off performance of Gala Fiesta de la Buleria de Jerez: Mujeres de Cal y Cante. In an evening of compelling flamenco, the fusion of different artists on stage came to represent a community in an almost soap-opera like way. A place where rules, emotions, support, fun and of course singing and dancing are mixed together. Passion fuels the creation of a flamenco routine and it was inspiring to see women of different generations dancing beautifully with distinctive shape and stomping flamenco rhythms enriched by the beautiful voices of the singers.

A minimum of two people on stage created each dance. Typically the singer started, leading the dancer to start with slow movements and then increasing the tempo, dynamic and variations. The audience witnesses the emergence of the routine here and now on stage, as if it is not a prepared choreography, with the dance evolving into communication between the dancer and the singer. 

The most outstanding and composed dancer was Fuesanta la Moneta with a routine of various intriguing and unpredictable movements, so as her dance commenced one was eager to see her next move. La Moneta’s choreography was brilliantly executed as was her interaction with the singer Saira Molena, both performers connecting on stage and demonstrating skilled dance and song.  

Maria del Mar Marena was another charming, passionate dancer. Her continuous flamenco arm movement and stomping were mesmerising, with strong steps, as her face expressed a range of emotions, proof of her immersion in the routine. 

Fans of aesthetics and style you might find the show’s bold earthiness a challenge. The whole performance however was a symbiosis of passion, voice and rhythm that brought an extravagant, authentic and powerful dance to London.

The festival runs until 2nd July

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