Friday 22 September 2023

Forgiveness - Review

White Bear Theatre, London


Written by Tyna Taskila
Directed by Sam Edmunds

Tyna Taskila

Drawn from personal experience, Forgiveness is a story of the generational trauma experienced by a daughter from her abusive mother. Unable to let go of the memories and childhood experiences that still haunt her adult life, Tessa highlights how hard it can be to move on. 

Tessa shares the pain of her own mother seeking to have pursued her personal dreams through Tessa's youth - particularly her mum's gymnastic aspirations - and she also recognises the importance and as now a mother herself, the challenge of not transmitting her lived trauma onto her own young daughter Lily.

Written and performed Tyna Taskila, Forgiveness is a thoughtful and harrowing work on the physical and psychological harm that can be inflicted upon a child. As a play however, coming in at just under the hour, the pace feeels rushed. This is not helped by Taskila's frequent changes of character that interrupt the flow of the narrative, reducing the drama's suspense.

When it's all over Taskila asks for donations to the NSPCC, a 5-star idea.

Runs until 23rd September
Photo credit: Ali Wright

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