Wednesday 23 November 2016

The Unmarried - Review

Camden People’s Theatre


Written by Lauren Gauge
Directed by Niall Phillips

Lauren Gauge

On for one night only, The Unmarried is an originally styled production that attempts to break down barriers and cross into a more modern, urban side of musical theatre.

Touching on issues such as club culture, 90’s garage music, teen pregnancy and unfulfilling relationships, Lauren Gauge’s story in this 50 minute comedy is much more relatable to the younger, modern audience. The writing is sharp, comedic and poetic, laced with explosive musical beats. This is gig theatre. 

Gauge’s character, Luna, is a bold a brass late teens “chav”, on the prowl for wild times whilst in a 7 year long relationship with an inner city banker. Her performance, while witty and bright is deep and the truth behind the humour is very evident in her portrayal. This is a subject that clearly means a lot.

Rhythmically underscored by a live mix of beat boxing by Kate Donnachie and Nate Forderstaple of the Battersea Arts Centre’s Beatbox Academy, Luna explores the life of a young powerful feminist determined to defy the legacy of a patriarchal society that has attempted to narrate her life and guide her story. At times however, the beatboxing is a distraction, with Kate and Nate’s impressive vocal abilities, particularly  as they perform a few old school favourites, taking the attention away from Gauge’s narrative.

As a production The Unmarried is very much one of a kind, holding an individuality that gives it both an edge as well as a platform that allows Gauge’s commendable writing and performing abilities to stand out from the crowd. A niche production that not all will “get” maybe, but despite this the material on stage is enjoyable. 

Reviewed by Charlotte Darcy
Photo credit: Tim Stubbs-Hughes

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