Monday 21 November 2016

What's the Matter With Slithers? - Review


Written by Barbara Michaels

This first book from Barbara Michaels is a delightful story pitched squarely at kids aged 3 to 6. Slithers is the name of a pet corn snake who discovers one day that his scaly skin is unusually itchy. Why could this be?

Owned and cared for by a little boy called Matt, one day Slithers overhears that Matt is off on a school trip to the zoo and spying a gap in the door of his tank, quickly works out that a sneaky trip to the Reptile House could answer all his questions. Grabbing the opportunity, he slithers his way, unnoticed, into Matt's school bag and is off on an adventure to the zoo.

What follows is a tale of thrills and spills all beautifully described by Michaels and delightfully illustrated by Sian Bowman. There's excitement and danger and even a hint of romance as Slithers pursues his quest. What's more, there's a wonderfully happy ending too.

With Christmas just around the corner, What's the Matter With Slithers? is a perfectly priced gift that will have kids' imaginations running wild!

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